The Core Competencies of a European Psychotherapist – EAP

As the National Umbrella Organisation and National Accrediting Organisation for the EAP, we are very willing to bring again under your attention: the Core Competencies of a European Psychotherapist, defined by the European Association for Psychotherapy (

Read and/or download the: Core Competencies of a European Psychotherapist

These Core Competencies can be used:

  • As a definition of the independent profession of psychotherapy in Europe by defining what a European psychotherapist should be able to do
  • As a resource and guide for other European psychotherapy associations, national and European-wide psychotherapy organisations and training institutes
  • As a basic minimum standard for any professional training in European psychotherapy

All the Core Competencies are designed to be practiced at a professional level within psychotherapy, commensurate with having attained a university Master’s degree, or the equivalent, and having gone through at least 4-years of post-graduate education, training, and supervised practice, emphasizing the psychotherapist’s capacity for critical reflection and evaluation of their own professional practice.

These Core Competencies are also understood to be practiced in accordance with, and in conjunction with, the current versions of: the 1990 Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy; the EAP’s Statement of Ethical Principles; and with the context of the psychotherapist’s professional training being in accordance with the standards outlined in the EAP’s European Certificate of Psychotherapy